Monday, March 3, 2014

Its Official.... writing my first book

Just finalized the contracts with a well know publisher to write a book on "Lucky".  He is the last remaining original VAGOS MC member.  There were 13 original members that formed the club back in 1966, only Lucky remains.  This book will NOT be about club politics or what the club is now, it be about the fun times Lucky had rolling around on his Knucklehead chopper from the 60s to the  70s.  A simpler time when the brotherhood was a little different, when brothers kissed on the mouth, and when the bikes were just as dirty as the cuts they wore.

Stay Tuned.....



  1. nice one should be good

  2. I cant wait for a copy , Lovs Lucky Lots he has been in my family for years.

  3. The Club cut that cats in the background was my uncles club from here in the hemet valley
    great job on wrench man!....really dig it